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Reasons to Use a Mortise Lock

Accordingly, the front door is the preferred point of entry of burglars. This should be enough reason to increase our door security.

Besides the mortise lock, the other type of lock most commonly used in homes is the cylindrical lock. The difference between the two is the mode of installation. The cylindrical lock is installed through the door with a lever or knob on one side that causes the retraction of the latch when turned or pulled down. On the other hand, the mortise lock is installed by cutting into the door to form the mortise or pocket. This is where the lock is fitted.

There are many advantages of a mortise lock over a cylindrical lock. With a mortise lock, you are assured of the following.

Increased Security

Because the lock is located inside the door, mortise locks are more difficult to forcibly open. Even when using a crowbar, this lock type may not give way unlike the traditional cylindrical lock. If the door is not installed excellently, the door can be the first to give in before the lock.

In all instances, doors are inspected and tested before mortise locks are installed. With the increasing incidence of home break ins, installing mortise locks to go with your home security cameras can be the best thing to do to enhance security of your home.

More Versatile

Any size of door can be fitted with mortise locks. This is because they come in different sizes. This is unlike the cylindrical locks that generally come in one size, which make them look disproportional in small or wide doors.

With its wide array of sizes and designs, mortise locks are more versatile than the traditional cylindrical locks. Besides being perfect for any door size, they can be used in lockers, closets, and cabinets.

Enhanced Aesthetic Value

One aspect that appeals to homeowners is the superior aesthetic appeal of mortise locks. From ultra-modern designs to classic-looking locks, it can truly make the difference on a door’s appearance. With various designs, you have more options when looking for a mortise lock for your home of business space.



More Resistant to Wear and Tear

If you have been living in the same house for as long as you remember, it may still be in your memory the times when door knobs in your home needed to be changed. This is not because it was destroyed by a burglar, but it is because of wear and tear. A quality mortise lock may last for a lifetime.…