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Getting Rid of Rodents

Rodents are probably considered one of the most common pests that are out there. They are the most annoying pests that can disrupt your home, whether it be the interior or the exterior of your house. To get rid of their squeaky annoyances, you would need to find a way to eliminate them.

Getting rid of them may be challenging, but it surely can be done. There are several ways how you can tackle this situation to achieve the final goal, which is to get rid of them. In this article, we would like to discuss and talk about several ways how you are able to get rid of rodents.

Inspection, Exclusion, and Sanitation

rodentFirst and foremost, it is crucial that you take the first step of getting rid of rodents, which is the inspection. It is crucial to inspect any rodent activities if you want to do any pest control. You need to look for rodent signs such as tracks, fecal pellets, burrows, runaways, urine stains, gnawing damage, grease marks, sounds, odors, and pet disturbances. Once you have figured it out with some thorough inspection, you can move on to the next step.

Rodent exclusion is an important step to take to get rid of rodents by making it hard for them to enter your home. Seal any openings that you have in your home to prevent these rats and mice from entering.

Sanitation is important in order to remove the food supply for these rodents. An infestation of rodents is usually indicative of a problem with sanitation. Therefore, you should eliminate all rubbish, seal bins tightly, clean up your pet’s food, and maintain cleanliness.

Baiting and Trapping


This method can be a follow up to the previous method if inspection, exclusion, and sanitation do not produce the desired outcome. These are the most effective do-it-yourself methods if you would like to get rid of rodents. You can reduce the rodent population by trapping and baiting.

When it comes to baiting, you will need to use rodenticides, which can be poisonous. Therefore, you should keep them far away from pets and children. You can also use tamper-resistant bait stations to do that.

If you want an alternative for baiting, you can choose to trap the rodents. You wouldn’t have to worry about poisonous compounds that can harm your children or pets. You can also easily dispose of them. Rodent traps can easily be found in stores and online.

Hire Pest Control

When you can’t be bothered to do a thorough inspection and figure out whether to trap or to bait, then you should definitely consider hiring pest control services. They can easily do the job for you without you having to worry about doing the work. Make sure that you get the best out of your buck when you hire services to get rid of rodents.…