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Do You Need Mold Remediation?

green mold

Mold might be present at your home without you noticing. But if you happen to notice some visible sights of mold growth, you need to think about the possibility of removing it. As far as mold remediation goes, you cannot afford to overlook the role played by mold remediation experts. But for starters, here are some glaring signs that could be indicative of a mold problem at your home.

Water Intrusion

Water intrusion or water damage puts you at risk of mold infestation. While the presence of water in your home doesn’t always that there is mold, it is often indicative of a mold problem. So if you have been a victim of water damage, irrespective of its magnitude, you might need mold remediation services soon. Alternatively, you might consider enlisting a water damage restoration expert to save you from possible mold growth wrath.


The presence of mold in any surface often results in discoloration. For instance, when they attack a wall, they consume the paint resulting in discoloration. It is worth noting that discoloration occurs when mold are given enough time to grow in abundance. There are various mold species, and they have different colors. Mold might appear black, gray, brown, or white. You cannot always be sure that you are struggling with mold considering that water seeping through walls creates a white crystalline substance with minerals that are often confused with mold.

A Musty Odor

The presence of musty odor around your home can be a sign of a possible mold problem. However, you can only be sure that it is mold if you also observe other signs such as excessive humidity and discoloration in some areas. As a tip, do not always rely on scent for mold detection.

Health Effects

If someone happens to experience some allergy or respiratory troubles after spending some time in a certain space, the chances are that the air quality is compromised. And mold is known to be a common cause of these troubles.

Any of these four signs can be used to infer the presence of mold in your home. However, make sure you look for a combination of signs and not just a single indicator for an accurate prediction.

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