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Must Have Home Technologies

To truly live a modern life, there are some home technologies that you must invest in. From smart refrigerators to robots that vacuum clean your floors automatically, the list is inexhaustible. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top gadgets and equipment that you should buy for your home.

Home Technologies You Should Have

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants do not belong in smartphones, and homes are the next sector to enjoy these assistants. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have built speakers that have virtual assistants. You can ask them anything, from the weather, and if correctly configured, you can have them turn on and off your lights.

Smart TV

A smart TV is not so different from the standard television; only that has so much more to offer regarding features. With a smart television, you can install apps, and watch a wider variety of video formats. You can install the Netflix app, connect to your Wi-Fi and watch your favorite shows over the internet.

Smart Lock

You will be surprised by the level of advancements being made for homes, one of them is the smart lock. Smart locks come in different configurations in that you can get one that has a touch screen on the door displaying a keypad, or one that is controlled by a smartphone.

This is a much better system compared to traditional locks that use keys to close and open doors. However, make some assessment to ensure that this technology is viable for your home.

Door Camera

One other very interesting technology is a door camera. With one of these, you can view who is knocking on your door. Whether it is a burglar or just an uninvited guest, you will get to see them before you open your door. You can also monitor your compound with this awesome gadget remotely using your phone

LED Bulbs

Saving on electricity is very important, hence the need for you to get LED bulbs and replace the old ones. LED bulbs are much brighter, and use very little power.

Modern Microwave

Ever thought of controlling your microwave with a smartphone; then you should most definitely get a modern one to enjoy such features.

Modern Refrigerator

lksdnlkvnlksandvlknskaldnvlkasndvlknaslkdvasdvA modern refrigerator is not very different from the typical ones, only that they consume very little power, and have a better system for management. Some will even come with touch screens so that you can stop hanging a picture and sticky notes on the fridge door.…

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Basic home hygiene maintenance

Without cleanliness then a home is not a home—or at least it wouldn’t be comfortable to live in. Every day, we are tasked with the responsibility of taking care of our homes, from kitchen chores, general cleaning, to landscaping, just to name a few. In this post, we will take a look at some of the standard home maintenance you should be implementing, and why it is important.

Importance of home hygiene

Before we look at the standard maintenance measures, it is crucial to understand why you have to do it in the first place. Here are some of the benefits to expect.

Comfortable living

With a clean and well-maintained home, it becomes very easy to live. For ilznlvknsdklnvlasdvklnasdlnvlksndvasdvasdvasdvasdvnstance, if you reside in a place that isn’t regularly cleaned and taken care of, you will have to deal with bad odor, insects like mosquitoes, and diseases that are caused by poor hygiene. Hence the need for better home managements, particularly for hygiene.

Better health

As hinted above, there are so many diseases that can be caused by lack of proper hygiene. Some of the common ones are Cholera and Typhoid. When you make your home clean, you ensure that you are fostering your health and that of your family.

Organized home

An organized home is an efficient home, a place where you can do all your tasks effectively, and live with ease. Cleaning and managing the space you have will make sure you live a better life.

Typical home hygiene maintenance

Clear bushes in your compound

The first task you have to do is clear all the bushes in your compound. Most disease-causing insects like Mosquitoes and Tsetse flies like hiding in bushes and infect people at night. They usually hide to escape the sun, so when you clear the bushes, you destroy their habitat. If you wish to have vegetation in your compound, talk to a landscaping professional for proper planning.

Proper drainage system

Drainage is everything when it comes to home hygiene. In the case of a problem, make sure to contact a plumber and have it fixed. You have to ensure that no waste escapes the drainage because it can cause serious diseases, especially to children.


Always make all clothing and beddings are clean. This will keep bedbugs, and lice away.

Washing dishes

lsndvasklndvknsakdvnlksndvlnlskdvlsnadvlknasdlkvnlaskdnvlknsadvsadvasMake sure that your dishes are washed before the end of the day. This is mainly to keep roaches and rats from your home.…