Vintage Surf Boards

Vintage Surf and Paddle Boards

Surfboards never really go out of style, for the most part. They are always upgrading the boards to accommodate the newest theories. But it’s also good to take a look past styles and try a style of board that may have been long forgotten. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting a board out on the water, right?

Surfing is thought to originate in the mid 1700′s. Since then, there have actually been few significant modifications to the actual surf board. Most have been people trying out different theories. Some have failed horribly. Others, like the skeg, have been a handsome success, and subsequently adopted by the modern surfer. Now there are a wide variety of different types of boards you can get your hands on.

One of the main areas of focus within surfing is how to preserve safety. Although surfing is a worldwide sport, and people of all ages do it, it still have a significant amount of surfing accidents and drowning per year. That’s why, when you’re on your board, we recommend using floatation devices. For obvious reasons, you can’t use a full on life jacket. However, you can use a personal floatation device or PFD, so decrease your chances of drowning.

Vintage surfer boards so have added safety measures. Since surfing was a newer phenomenon, and it was just catching steam, people were much more cautious when riding them than they are today. Therefore, to capture more of the safety factors of the vintage surf boards, people are trying to tie more of the vintage style to the newer styles.

Whatever style you decide on, keep in mind there are other things to pay attention to besides speed. Check for stability. If you are new to surfing, try to find a board with a wider base. If you have a wider base, the board will be more stable, and you will be less likely to fall off of your surf board. This will keep you more safe. However, just to make sure, for a while, we would recommend using personal floatation devices.

We hope you have enjoyed this article! If you have any questions, comments, or advice for readers, we’d love to hear it. All you have to do is leave a comment below, we’ll read it, and add it if we feel it’s valuable! Until then, be safe, have fun, and happy surfing!

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Finding My Grandmothers Antique Makeup Kit

My grandma always is dressed up, ready to go somewhere fancy no matter where we are actually going. She wears wedges, a long skirt, and blouse to Wal-Mart no matter how hot it may be, either. With her perfect attire, she completes her look by accessories from my grandfather: ruby jewelry. When my grandfather proposed to my grandma, he did so with a large ruby ring with matching earrings and my grandma wears the jewelry every day since. No look would be complete without a curl in her hair paired with a lipstick and mascara combo.

She grew up in a time where a sloppy bun on top of a head and no makeup on a girls face meant she wasn’t presentable and ready for anyone to see her. While she understands the differences between my generation and her own, she still hasn’t shaken old habits of getting gussied up to go to simple places.

One time while I was visiting my grandma, I decided to get ready in the morning in my grandma’s bathroom next to her. She still had her foam curlers in as I entered her bathroom without a lick of makeup on, but she still looked gorgeous to me. Immediately my first step in my makeup routine is to put on concealer over my dark circles and get a little mascara on. Right when my grandma saw me doing this, she tisked and shook her head. Confused, I looked over to her asking what had upset her. She explained to me that in her time, dark circles were beautiful and even dare she say, ‘sexy’?

While I tried arguing that today dark circles were seen differently and not as beautiful but rather as tired, she opened her linen closet and rummaged around until she pulled out a small hand-held bag with a handle. The bag was black with old style roses decorated across, looking like an old couch cushion. She placed the old makeup kit on the counter and unzipped the gold zipper to show a rose pink satin inside.

Immediately my mouth that was rambling on had closed as I laid eyes on the treasure my grandma was showing me. There were still a few old makeup supplies in there, and she pulled each little milk glass jar container out one by one. Some of the containers were filled with foundation lotion, tissue cream, and liquefying cleansing cream. Two kinds of face powder also came out and were placed in hand-decorated and painted boxes. She explained that the whiter a face was, the more ideal. Such a sharp contrast to the bronzers and tanning solution sold in the U.S. today.

My grandma told the story behind the kit and began to finish up her hair, taking down each curl and as I finished my makeup with my new products. I listened to how she got the box for her birthday after reaching the age of wearing makeup to church. How womanly she felt for wearing makeup, and even remembered the kit coming handy on her first dates with my grandpa.

Even though the technology may change over time, makeup still brings people together and make them feel beautiful.

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Antique Firearms: Collectible Treasures

If you want to own a piece of history, why not start an antique firearm collection? The specific definition of what constitutes an antique varies, however one generally accepted definition is that any gun manufactured before the beginning of the 20th century is an antique. When you start your collection, you will notice that there are thousands of antique guns of all categories available for sale. Just like modern firearms, antiques have various classifications, but their main divisions are muzzleloading and cartridge firing guns. Below is a great video of some classic rifles before we jump in.

Muzzleloaders are any type of gun, either a pistol or long gun, where the projectile and propellant are loaded from the muzzle. These guns are typically older and have a richer history. For example, you can find muzzleloading firearms that were used throughout very lively periods in American and world history, such as during the French Revolution, the American Indian Wars, The War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War. Examples of guns that are often sought by collectors include the British Nock gun and the American Kentucky rifle.
Cartridge firing guns came around in the late 19th century and are commonly associated with the American Far West and the “cowboy” era. Common examples of collectible antique guns in these categories include the Winchester Model 1873 rifle, which had a very rich history, being used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, some parts of Europe and was even exported to the Ottoman Empire. One famous antique revolver is the Smith & Wesson Model 3, which was produced from 1869 to 1915. It was used by various militaries around the world and has seen service in the Philippine-American War, the Spanish-American War, the North-West Rebellion, the Russo-Turkish War and the American Indian Wars. It was also the weapon of choice of the notorious American outlaw Jesse James.
As you can see, antique guns are quite an interesting item for both firearm enthusiasts and those who want to discover more about history. If you want to learn more about the various guns that you can collect, there is a lot of information available online. Websites like provide a lot of general information about firearms and accessories. You can also find other resources that are more geared towards antique guns, such as discussion forums for collectors.
While the majority of collectors simply display their antique guns, some choose to fire them. Many antique guns are still functional and may be safely fired. This is often the case for antique revolvers, as many of the ammunition types made for them are still commercially available. If you want to use your antique gun in a more practical way, for example by taking it to the range, you can find shooting accessories and the best rifle scopes for your AR 15 available here.

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Antique Kitchen Utensils

Collecting stuff is part of mankindís everyday life. It is a good way to spend oneís time productively and it also proves to be a great excuse for hoarding things. There are so many kinds of collections out there, ranging from things as small as coins to things as large as cars. There are other kinds of collection though, that some people would not really think as potential collection items. These things include kitchen utensils. Yes, kitchen utensils may seem common and maybe even considered too mundane to be part of a collection, but one would be surprised how many people appreciate a great collection of antique kitchen utensils. For some people they are just worn out and obsolete tools, for others though, they are art. †Here are some examples of kitchen collections:

  • Vintage wooden spoons- There are a lot of things in the kitchen that would qualify as materials of art for people, but few kitchen utensils really do have as much significance and simple elegance as a wooden spoon. As common and plain they might seem to other people, there are a lot of wooden spoons out there with unique designs and engravings. Antique wooden spoons come in a lot of shapes and sizes and are a very good addition to any kind of antique kitchen utensil collection.
  • Antique kitchen knives- Another quintessential element in the kitchen is the kitchen knife. Seriously, there has never been a more kitchen-signifying object that a good old kitchen knife. This is why there are a lot of people out there who collect kitchen knives. The older and the more unique the style and size of the kitchen knife, the better.
  • Obsolete kitchen tools- This is the age of modern technology, but back then people did not have the kind of kitchen appliances and tools one would find in In fact, a lot of antique kitchen tools back then no longer exist now and even their purposes have become obsolete. These days, things like the egg boiler have no place in the kitchen and are found more on the shelf†of collectors.
  • Antique pans and pots- Believe it or not, but there was a time when the kitchen was not as sophisticated as it is now. There are lots of pans and pots made out of anything but non-stick Teflon. They range from clay to metal, so each and every one would fit nicely in a collection.
  • Antique chopping boards- It may sound silly, but chopping boards are also feasible objects for putting in a collection. The more used and old they are, the more valuable they will be for the collector.


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Shipping Antiques? Here are the Things You Need to Know First

Shipping AntiquesI’m sure you already shipped something before and you know that extra care and security are essential when you are going to send something to someone in a far place. The same is true with antiques, but they’re much different from shipping an elegant Christmas gift. Antiques are objects that possess high value and more importantly, history. When you ship antiques, you are moving history from one place to another. When you move antique items, you want to make sure that it will arrive at its destination on its best condition as a broken item have lost most of its history and value. And if you are shipping antiques for the first time, there are lots of things to know first in order to avoid problems and headaches as well as disappointment from a broken item.

Packing Techniques

Making sure that your antique arrives safely and undamaged to its destination is your top priority. Therefore, a good packing is a must. Ask yourself, “Is it breakable?” from that thing alone, you can easily determine what type and trick of packaging you will need to use. Some of the materials you need might want to come in handy when packing antique items are bubble warp, acid free tissue paper, cardboard box, foam peanuts, packing tape, scissors, new or clean boxes, measuring tape and digital scale.

If you are shipping valuable or fragile items, it is best to use double walled box. It will allow your package to absorb more shock without getting damaged. If you are going to ship large fragile items, I’d suggest you go with a wooden crate.

If you are going to ship antique fabrics, don’t think that tossing it inside the box can work perfectly. Take time and wrap it with acid free tissue paper. If you think that humidity can be a problem, then put it in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting damp.

Metal or items can’t be broken; however, they can be bent or crushed. If you are sending metal or tin canisters or lunchbox, you can fill them with tightly crumpled paper or bubble wrap so that they won’t get crushed.

Glass and ornaments can be very scary when you’re shipping them, especially if they are of high value. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are wrapped tightly and securely. One of the best way to do this is by wrapping them using bubble wrapper and stuff it inside a huge box of Styrofoam peanuts. In addition to that, you need to use double box to keep them from suffering damage.

Professional Help

While shipping most antiques and collectibles can come in handy, not all of them can be easily done. If you are shipping extremely valuable, cumbersome and fragile items, then you need to seek the help of professionals. It’s not always just the shipping either, sometimes the border logistics are just as complicated. When you order something from us, we recommend using our Calgary Custom Broker, Jori. You need to find a shipping company that’s known in shipping antique materials as handling these type of items needs enough skill and experience.

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Antique Hair Styling Equipment

A well maintained hair is beautiful and attractive. For a perfect hair style to be achieved, it requires access to the best hair styling tools. Choosing the best equipment is difficult and cumbersome. It requires thorough research and analysis for the best decision to be reached. The best hair styling equipment should be fast and easy to use. They should bring out the desired results. There are top rated hair curling wands in the market reviewed at

Remington C195 Tstudio Ceramic Salon Digital Ceramic Model

This hair styling model is among the best hair styling equipment in the market. It has a high market demand for its effective results. It is easy to use and has a heat protectant glove that protects users from burns during its use. The equipment creates great looking curls at affordable prices.

Bed Head BH313 Orange Crush 1 Inch Styler

This is a small equipment with a lot of heating power. It is great for loose curls and waves. It comes with a protective which glove that allows pressing of hair to the barrel. Its rapid heating recovery reduces the heat up times. Ultimately, it has no cramping; it is a wrap and go equipment.

The Cortex 4

The equipment comes with four ceramic interchangeable heads of varying sizes. The interchangeable heads permits experimentation on different sizes of curls. It has a heat protective glove. The four heads ensures good results for value.
Conair Infiniti YOU CURL
It is an affordable equipment which costs below $30. It heats up extremely fast which saves both energy and time. It has ultra-high heat of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It features four heat settings that can be regulated depending on the desired hair texture and curls. This equipment has a powerful ceramic heater.

HSI Professional set

The HIS Professional set contains four adjustable ceramic barrels. It has a digital temperature control feature to allow heat regulation for various hair type and styles. The equipment has a dual voltage option of 110-220. It is designed with remarkable infrared technology essential to lock up moisture and natural oils.

Oily Hair Issues

It is a major problem that results from sebum overproduction in the sebaceous glands at the hair follicle. It is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. Shampoo offers the best solutions in curbing oily hair problems. American Crew and Daily Shampoo balances the hair from excess sebum. It cleanses and moisturizes the scalp. The shampoo contains wheat proteins for shiny and impressive hair.
Degrease Shampoo With organic Rosemary and Basil is perfect for excess sebum buildup. It contains natural ingredients that balance the sebum. It is highly recommended for itchy scalps leaving the hair shiny and moisturized. Senscience Speciality Shampoo for Oily Scalp is the best shampoo for oily hair. It cleans the scalp and removes residue buildup. Blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo is perfect for reducing oily hair residue. It is remarkably simple to use. Blowpro Faux is made with a formula that aids in restoring hair and eliminating build up.
For some great tips on some good old fashioned hairstyling tips checkout the video below:

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Classic and Antique Motorcycle Helmets Galore!

antique-motorcycleAlthough I was particularly busy last weekend, I could not resist sparing just a little time to storm through the antique fair. I hadn’t been in one for quite a while, meaning that my collection was at a standstill, since I avoid online antique purchases. It seems that you miss the whole point that way. I want to hunt for my items. I want to feel them, examine them. Anyway, as I was passing by a stall overwhelmed with boring utensils and silverware, I noticed at the back a wonderfully preserved TT 30’s leather helmet hanging over a grotesque vitro table lamp. I tried not to show my enthusiasm, but it was in vain, so I decided to take a walk to get my head together and prepare to haggle. I love haggling; however at that specific moment all I could think about was how great this would go with my German army goggles from the Second World War. I will not get into further details. It is now mine!

I will admit that I am a motorcycle collectibles junkie overall, but there is something more about helmets. The motorcycle helmet industry is only a hundred years old and seems to be one of the most innocent and most wellbeing-oriented of them all. I’m not saying that it is not profitable; nonetheless it is all about safety and it’s getting better by the day. Materials and design constantly improve. Helmets are not meant to be stylish though (though don’t tell most guys – just take a look at the selection over on!).

As a matter of fact, the goofier the helmet, the more excited I get. A half helmet is the goofiest of all. It was often referred to as ‘shorty’ and ‘pudding basin’. It offers the least amount of coverage, leaving the face and lower head exposed. Lacking face protection, it was most commonly used together with goggles. It is based on original helmet designs and it is discontinued and in some places it is prohibited altogether, as there are much safer helmets in the market.

The ¾ helmet was developed and released in the 60’s. It is also called open face helmet, as it protects the whole back head and cheeks, leaving the face and chin exposed. Although it is much more protective than the half helmet in the event of a crash, it does not do much for wind, dust and bugs while driving, thus it is used with goggles or it has a fitted face shield.

The full face helmet (like the Arai Vector-2 here: is the most recent design which offers the ultimate ride protection. It covers the entire head, from the lowest part of the skull all the way to the chin. It has a cutout over the eyes and nose which is covered by a plastic, transparent shield. It is not very comfortable to wear, as hearing is reduced, ventilation is poor and the sensation is somewhat claustrophobic. An alternative to this is the modular helmet that combines a full face with a ¾ helmet. The modular helmet has a chin bar that can be lifted upwards when the rider is strolling around a residential area and can be lowered to a full face helmet when riding on a motorway.

Helmets have evolved tremendously, however we must say well-done to the medical officer Dr Eric Gardner who was the one that introduced helmets in 1914.

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Antique Medical Equipment

One of the most interesting types of antiques are medical antiques. It’s fascinating to see what medical professionals such as doctors and nurses used to treat patients through out the course of time. A lot of the instruments were down right scary and makes one wonder, what on earth were they thinking.

Fascinating Medical Devices and Equipment

Truth SerumDr. Dave’s Truth Serum! What a novel idea, it was probably closer to poison then truth serum. Dr. Dave’s idea of getting people to tell the truth was to get them liquored up and worm his way into their deepest secrets. Sounds like fun Dr. Dave.




Roman Surgerical ToolsThese tools found in ancient roman ruins are proof that we’ve been practicing medicine for thousands of years. It’s pretty frightening to think that Romans were performing surgery with what appear to be a pair of garden shears, a small spike and a handful of other sharp dangerous looking items.



Blood TransfusionGetting a blood transfusion is an easy process today. Back in the day it wasn’t quite so easy – the process worked like this. Stick two needles into two different people who are sitting side by side. A tube would run into a funnel which would allow gravity to do the work. To actually infuse blood into the other individual you would press in a plunger that would create pressure driving the blood into the receivers vein. Unlike today where you can take blood, store and transport it to the receiver you would have to have the people in the same room. This method doesn’t look terribly reliable either.

Antique StethoscopeVintage stethoscopes are interesting devices. Today some of the best stethoscopes are electronic stethoscopes, a far cry from what they used to use. The good news, is it looks like these stethoscopes could double as a device to protect yourself! They worked in a similar fashion to how they work today. Essentially you place one end against a patients chest and then listen in. This is the same as how they work today, the difference being there aren’t those handy ear buds which probably give you a lot better sound then the end of the piece of wood.

As a collector of antiques I find all antiques to be incredibly fascinating. However, the medical antiques are some of the most interesting items because they give you such a graphic look into the past.

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My Love For Antiques

Antiques are interesting, to many they’re worthless. Most wouldn’t be interested in paying several thousand dollars for a French Empire Chandelier that has been beautifully maintained. However, to the right buyer, this item may very well be nearly priceless. This of course is what drives the price up on antiques, it’s not the masses, but the collectors.

As an antiquer, what makes them so fabulous? What is it about them that makes me stare in awe, or open my wallet. Obviously, it’s a business for me now, however it wasn’t always that way. And antiques have always been much more then just making a living for me. They bring me alive. So why do I love antiques?

First and foremost they tell a story. When I hold an antique Winchester in my hand it brings me back to when my Grandfather lived in rural Ohio. I knew this piece belonged to my grandpa, but it’s much more then that. It’s as close to a time machine as there is. It brings you from the current day to the past. Each rug, gun, candle holder tells a story. I like to visualize the characters who may have owned certain antiques and try to understand what their life would’ve been like when the product was first manufactured. Another part that I love about buying, selling and studying antiques is it helps us to understand what was. This in turn helps us understand what will be. It’s incredibly how analyzing antiques gets the creative juices flowing. You can see the changes in technology and appreciate just how far we’ve come.

I also love antiques because I simply think they’re beautiful. Like any art work, it is something that should be cherished. Art is difficult to create and there is a great labour that goes into creating every piece of original art. One of kind antiques are among the most creative forms of artwork.  The beautiful thing about artwork is it always comes back into style. Think about it, as you’ve moved through the years how many times you’ve seen fads and trends fade only for the next generation to pick them up. When I was growing up I used to wear my father’s old trucker hat, this trend soon faded, however low and behold my son loves those hats. Furnishing the home is the exact same, at some point an antique decoration piece will be old. Eventually it’ll age and it will come back into style, maybe two or three times. And finally the last stage is when that piece becomes an antique.

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How to Become An Antique Dealer

I found this infographic the other day on how to become an antique dealer. Not to be a cynic but I think this is a little misleading. Becoming an antique dealer takes years of experience, which really can only be gained from looking at hundreds if not thousands of pieces.
The hardest part about dealing antiques is appraising the value – it’s a skill which takes a lot of practice. You’re not buying and selling used cars which have a fairly rigid price point. And if you bet wrong, you can lose big.
How To Become An Antique Dealer 

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