Antique Medical Equipment

One of the most interesting types of antiques are medical antiques. It’s fascinating to see what medical professionals such as doctors and nurses used to treat patients through out the course of time. A lot of the instruments were down right scary and makes one wonder, what on earth were they thinking.

Fascinating Medical Devices and Equipment

Truth SerumDr. Dave’s Truth Serum! What a novel idea, it was probably closer to poison then truth serum. Dr. Dave’s idea of getting people to tell the truth was to get them liquored up and worm his way into their deepest secrets. Sounds like fun Dr. Dave.




Roman Surgerical ToolsThese tools found in ancient roman ruins are proof that we’ve been practicing medicine for thousands of years. It’s pretty frightening to think that Romans were performing surgery with what appear to be a pair of garden shears, a small spike and a handful of other sharp dangerous looking items.



Blood TransfusionGetting a blood transfusion is an easy process today. Back in the day it wasn’t quite so easy – the process worked like this. Stick two needles into two different people who are sitting side by side. A tube would run into a funnel which would allow gravity to do the work. To actually infuse blood into the other individual you would press in a plunger that would create pressure driving the blood into the receivers vein. Unlike today where you can take blood, store and transport it to the receiver you would have to have the people in the same room. This method doesn’t look terribly reliable either.

Antique StethoscopeVintage stethoscopes are interesting devices. Today some of the best stethoscopes are electronic stethoscopes, a far cry from what they used to use. The good news, is it looks like these stethoscopes could double as a device to protect yourself! They worked in a similar fashion to how they work today. Essentially you place one end against a patients chest and then listen in. This is the same as how they work today, the difference being there aren’t those handy ear buds which probably give you a lot better sound then the end of the piece of wood.

As a collector of antiques I find all antiques to be incredibly fascinating. However, the medical antiques are some of the most interesting items because they give you such a graphic look into the past.

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My Love For Antiques

Antiques are interesting, to many they’re worthless. Most wouldn’t be interested in paying several thousand dollars for a French Empire Chandelier that has been beautifully maintained. However, to the right buyer, this item may very well be nearly priceless. This of course is what drives the price up on antiques, it’s not the masses, but the collectors.

As an antiquer, what makes them so fabulous? What is it about them that makes me stare in awe, or open my wallet. Obviously, it’s a business for me now, however it wasn’t always that way. And antiques have always been much more then just making a living for me. They bring me alive. So why do I love antiques?

First and foremost they tell a story. When I hold an antique Winchester in my hand it brings me back to when my Grandfather lived in rural Ohio. I knew this piece belonged to my grandpa, but it’s much more then that. It’s as close to a time machine as there is. It brings you from the current day to the past. Each rug, gun, candle holder tells a story. I like to visualize the characters who may have owned certain antiques and try to understand what their life would’ve been like when the product was first manufactured. Another part that I love about buying, selling and studying antiques is it helps us to understand what was. This in turn helps us understand what will be. It’s incredibly how analyzing antiques gets the creative juices flowing. You can see the changes in technology and appreciate just how far we’ve come.

I also love antiques because I simply think they’re beautiful. Like any art work, it is something that should be cherished. Art is difficult to create and there is a great labour that goes into creating every piece of original art. One of kind antiques are among the most creative forms of artwork.  The beautiful thing about artwork is it always comes back into style. Think about it, as you’ve moved through the years how many times you’ve seen fads and trends fade only for the next generation to pick them up. When I was growing up I used to wear my father’s old trucker hat, this trend soon faded, however low and behold my son loves those hats. Furnishing the home is the exact same, at some point an antique decoration piece will be old. Eventually it’ll age and it will come back into style, maybe two or three times. And finally the last stage is when that piece becomes an antique.

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How to Become An Antique Dealer

I found this infographic the other day on how to become an antique dealer. Not to be a cynic but I think this is a little misleading. Becoming an antique dealer takes years of experience, which really can only be gained from looking at hundreds if not thousands of pieces.
The hardest part about dealing antiques is appraising the value – it’s a skill which takes a lot of practice. You’re not buying and selling used cars which have a fairly rigid price point. And if you bet wrong, you can lose big.
How To Become An Antique Dealer 

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